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Preload / Obsolete type="tex/javascript"

1 year 1 month ago #4313 by jjnxpct
Preload? was created by jjnxpct
Hi! I came across this article:

Would it be usefull to be able to add a preload tag (and the 'as' tag) to asssets that are loaded by the head tag plugin with the <link> tag?? Not sure on how this could be implemented and also not really sure about the benefits (...) but maybe you can check it out to see if this would be usefull?

Antorhet thing I might have mentioned before: The scrip tags have 'type="text/javascript"' added to thm. I believe this is absolete in HTML 5? Maybe you could add an option to disable this?

Just some thought!

Kind regards,

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11 months 2 weeks ago #4343 by jjnxpct
Hi! It has been a while since this item was posted. I think my second question about the option to disable the use of type="tex/javascript: in the script tags would help use with better HTML5 validation. Not a big deal, but this might be a good option to have in the headtag plugin?

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